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Cure for AIDS - Timothy Ray Brown
Cure for AIDS Coalition & The Timothy Ray Brown Foundation


The Timothy Ray Brown Foundation cure for AIDS is the first organization in the 33-year history of AIDS whose sole mission is to find a Cure for AIDS.  Also known as the Berlin Patient, Timothy Ray Brown made international and national headlines when it was discovered that he was cured of the HIV virus as a result of a bone marrow stem cell transplant he underwent for the treatment of leukemia. He is free of both HIV and leukemia. On July 24, 2012, the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation of the World AIDS Institute was officially launched at a press conference at the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC.  Timothy Ray Brown, the first person to be cured of HIV, decided that he wanted to do more than share his story. Timothy has stepped forward to be a leader and spokesperson in the global effort to find a Cure for AIDS.


Timothy Ray Brown iss looking for a Cure for AIDS

We need a cure for AIDS now!

Timothy Ray Brown is the first person in the world to have been cured of AIDS. Three years ago Timothy was internationally known as the Berlin Patient” in an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In November of 2011, just one year ago, Timothy agreed to release his name to the world. Now thru the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation he pledges that he will not be the last. Read more about Timothy Ray Brown here>>





what if there is no cure for AIDSAfter 33 years, why now a Cure for AIDS?

“I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy”, says Timothy Ray Brown – aka The Berlin Patient – the first person cured of AIDS. His procedures were experimental, his journey was rocky and he was not always clear what the outcome would be, but his story now brings Hope to the fight against HIV and AIDS and quest for a Cure for AIDS.

When diagnosed with HIV in 1995, Timothy began taking antiretroviral drugs for the disease. Then in 2006, Timothy was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Due to this combination, Timothy’s doctor’s proposed a radical idea for an experimental treatment: a bone marrow transplant from a donor who has a natural resistance to HIV.

The Historical Procedure:

First, Timothy’s doctors would need to deplete his immune system using radiation and chemotherapy before they could give him the transplant. Finding a donor was another hurtle.  Approximately 1% of the population of the Northern European population is born with a gene mutation that immunizes them from HIV, and within that 1% population it is not an easy task to find a bone marrow donor match, and further, this procedure is extremely taxing on the body. While the entire process has taken its toll on Timothy’s body, he knew his chances of survival were about 0% being HIV+ and having leukemia. However, with an experimental medicine, his chances were about 5% survival and his chances of helping the scientific community throughout the process were even larger.

Hope and Encouragement:

Timothy’s treatment is not a solution or cure for AIDS for everyone. However, all cure for AIDS related research today is a direct result of Timothy’s case.  His story has also lead to amazing medical advancements and, therefore, brings immense Hope and encouragement for everyone. This is an exciting time! We know we’re on the right path, and amazing advancements are happening every day. Until then, we all need to continue coming together, stronger than ever to ensure we see this through to the end. To a cure for AIDS.

On The Route To Discovery:

Scientists and researchers all over the world are on the route to discover a vaccine that will change the lives of millions of people. Finding a cure for AIDS is dependent upon funding the cure for AIDS. We cannot all be the scientists and researchers who will find the cure for AIDS, but we can all be a part of the solution and it all starts with funding and your generous contributions. We appreciate your donations!

Timothy Ray Brown acknowledges that his path to a cure for AIDS would rarely, if at all, be replicated and realized the urgent need for a foundation that focuses solely on efforts towards reaching a Cure for AIDS everyone, and so, he helped establish the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation of the World AIDS Institute.  The sole mission of the Foundation is finding a cure for AIDS, a cure that can help save and change millions of lives.

“I’ll keep going until everyone who has HIV is cured. There is hope. I believe we can find a cure in our lifetime”, says Timothy Ray Brown; the first person cured of AIDS and a beacon of hope for the global HIV community.


Long time U.S. AIDS Activists Discuss a Cure for AIDS


Mark King of My Fabulous Disease interviews AIDS activists in the United States about the real possibility of a feasible cure for AIDS in our lifetime for all people living with HIV and AIDS worldwide.



History of a cure for AIDS

HIV Cure research in still in its infancy, perhaps just a couple of years old as a direct result of the Timothy Ray Brown case in 2009 showing the scientific community a proof of concept that a cure is possible. Cure research was something that was discussed in the early days of the AIDS epidemic, before there were antiretrovirals available for people living with HIV and AIDS. Leading scientists from around the world continue to reiterate their belief that Timothy Ray Brown is the reason they believe a cure is now possible. This realization is both humbling and exciting for Timothy. But he is clear when he says, “I cannot do this alone – I need your help.”

Timothy’s Personal Invitation to You  to help find a cure for AIDS

We invite you to join the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation of the World AIDS Institute to help win the war against AIDS through finding an HIV cure for all. We believe your knowledge, experience, and support will help us fulfill our dream and the dream of millions. If you believe in this worthy cause, we ask that you also support this endeavor by informing your peers and colleagues urging them to join us on this incredible journey.

Dr Heutter is searching for the Cure for AIDS   Dr. Gero Huetter.  Hematologist in Berlin who created Timothy’s cure procedure.

Our Vision for the Future for a cure for AIDS

One of the very first things the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation will do is create a unified Cure Coalition, made up of organizations, corporations, institutions, governments and individuals all dedicated to the goal of helping find a cure for HIV. The Timothy Ray Brown Foundation is committed to become a force of unification from Hollywood to Washington, DC and from Bangkok to Johannesburg, South Africa. The foundation will help foster more public private partnerships, as well as encourage governments around the world to support HIV cure research. In the process, we are determined to inspire cure-related advocacy, effective education, efficient funding, sound policy, and heightened recruitment for cure-related clinical trials.

Other Initiatives for a Cure for AIDS

Programs we are focusing on in 2013 include creation of the world’s first CCR5 Delta 32 negative Global Registry to help researchers identify new pathways to eradicate HIV from the body. In 2013 in Seattle, with Fred Hutch and the local AIDS and LGBTQ communities we launch the World AIDS Institute and Timothy Ray Brown Foundation Cure Tour.  Then in the Spring of 2014 we headed to Chicago for our next stop on the tour in partnership with Northwestern University, AIDS Foundation of Chicago and other local AIDS and LGBTQ organizations.  In the future we plan to continue the Cure Tour around the U.S and around the world in to coincide with the 8th anniversary of Timothy being cured. We also plan to create a social media platform called the Cure for AIDS Report to keep the world informed of developments and progress surrounding an HIV cure, while engaging others to join our efforts.

Investment in a Cure for AIDS, the Return and Lives Saved

The only way we will achieve a broad-based cure is if we have the direct investment of time, resources, and moral will from visionaries around the world. Researchers believe that the investment necessary to realize an HIV cure for everyone will also undoubtedly result in marketable, cutting-edge treatments for other medical conditions and diseases. Business leaders also believe that the future revenues generated from these discoveries will far exceed our investment, rewarding early stage supporters for their hard work and life-saving commitment. Most importantly, the fruits of this research will translate into lives saved, families kept together, and dreams simply not being eradicated due to an AIDS-defining illness.

The Blue Rose and a cure for AIDS

Tim decided to make the symbol of his foundation a Blue Rose, a flower that does not occur in nature but in alchemy has come to represent “the impossible – made possible”. Timothy believes that his HIV cure is his Blue Rose. When Timothy received his HIV diagnosis in 1995, he fell to his knees. And in 2008 when he was diagnosed as being cured, he said he fell to his knees again. But this time he prayed that one day the millions of people living with HIV and AIDS world wide would receive their own Blue Rose. At a press conference launching his foundation, Timothy announced to the world “I pledge to you, the world, at this critical moment my full and ongoing commitment to continue to dedicate my life, my blood, my body, my mind and my soul towards this arduous and challenging expedition, to find the elusive Blue Rose. I will not let you down.”

Support the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation of the World AIDS Institute by getting your own Blue Rose (here).

A Cure for AIDS is within Our Reach

Tim acknowledges that he is neither a scientist nor is he a doctor. He is however living proof that a cure is finally within our reach, but he feels and millions more that we must act now. It is the belief of the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation that we all have a moral obligation to translate Timothy being cured into a mainstream remedy that millions of AIDS victims can benefit from, thus helping validate the pain and suffering and deaths of the 30 million people who have died from AIDS and the countless millions who currently are afflicted with this terrible disease. Please help Tim become one of the millions cured of HIV instead of the first and only. We can do this – together.

World AIDS Institute seeks a cure for AIDS

The Timothy Ray Brown Foundation operates under the World AIDS Institute which was launched June 7, 2011 with a mission of documenting and preserving the global history of AIDS; to inspire action today to improve the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS (and their family, friends and communities) and to strengthen the spectrum of innovative initiatives to find a cure for HIV.


History of a Cure for AIDS – Media Timeline

The first media report in the Wall Street Journal that started it all and then lead to the New York Times article and finally the study discussed was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.


November 7, 2008, Wall Street Journal

A Doctor, a Mutation and a Potential Cure for AIDS

A Bone Marrow Transplant to Treat a Leukemia Patient Also Gives Him Virus-Resistant Cells; Many Thanks, Sample 61

By Mark Shoofs

The startling case of an AIDS patient who underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia is stirring new hope that gene-therapy strategies on the far edges of AIDS research might someday cure the disease.

The patient, a 42-year-old American living in Berlin, is still recovering from his leukemia therapy, but he appears to have won his battle with AIDS. Doctors have not been able to detect the virus in his blood for more than 600 days, despite his having ceased all conventional AIDS medication. Normally when a patient stops taking AIDS drugs, the virus stampedes through the body within weeks, or days.



November 13, 2008, New York Times

Rare Treatment is Reported to be a Cure for AIDS Patient

By Donald G. McNeil, Jr.

Doctors in Berlin are reporting that they cured a man o f AIDS by giving him transplanted blood stem cells from a person naturally resistant to the virus.  But while the case has novel medical implications, experts say it will be of little immediate use in treating AIDS. Top American researchers called the treatment unthinkable for the millions infected in Africa and impractical even for insured patients in top research hospitals.

“It’s very nice, and it’s not even surprising,” said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “But it’s just off the table of practicality.”  The patient, a 42-year-old American resident in Germany, also has leukemia, which justified the high risk of a stem-cell transplant. Such transplants require wiping out a patient’s immune system, including bone marrow, with radiation and drugs; 10 to 30 percent of those getting them die.  “Frankly, I’d rather take the medicine,” said Dr. Robert C. Gallo, director of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, referring to antiretroviral drugs.



New England Journal of  Medicine: 360:692-698, February 12, 2009, DOI:  10.1056/NEJMoa0802905

Long-Term Control of HIV by CCR5 Delta32/Delta32 Stem-Cell Transplantation

Gero Hütter, M.D., Daniel Nowak, M.D., Maximilian Mossner, B.S., Susanne Ganepola, M.D., Arne Müßig, M.D., Kristina Allers, Ph.D., Thomas Schneider, M.D., Ph.D., Jörg Hofmann, Ph.D., Claudia Kücherer, M.D., Olga Blau, M.D., Igor W. Blau, M.D., Wolf K. Hofmann, M.D., and Eckhard Thiel, M.D.

Infection with the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) requires the presence of a CD4 receptor and a chemokine receptor, principally chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5). Homozygosity for a 32-bp deletion in the CCR5 allele provides resistance against HIV-1 acquisition. We transplanted stem cells from a donor who was homozygous for CCR5  delta32 in a patient with acute myeloid leukemia and HIV-1 infection.
The patient remained without viral rebound 20 months after transplantation and discontinuation of antiretroviral therapy. This outcome demonstrates the critical role CCR5 plays in maintaining HIV-1 infection.



New York Times, November 28, 2011

New Hope of a Cure for AIDS

By Andrew Pollack

Medical researchers are again in pursuit of a goal they had all but abandoned: a cure for AIDS.

Until recently, the possibility seemed little more than wishful thinking. But the experiences of two patients now suggest to many scientists that it may be achievable.  One man, the so-called Berlin patient, apparently has cleared his H.I.V. infection, albeit by arduous bone marrow transplants.

Read more >>>



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