"From the History of AIDS to finding the Cure for AIDS"

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History of AIDS

monkey and history of aids

We document and preserve the global History of AIDS. In order to understand the present and future while working toward an HIV Cure, it is important to understand the stories.  Stories throughout the History of AIDS matter and can change lives. Read more >>



Treatment for AIDS


We advocate for the advancement and funding for new Treatment for AIDS.  We believe in education, awareness and advocacy surrounding  current and new cutting-edge research for Treatment for AIDS and search for a Cure for people living with HIV. Read more >>


Cure for AIDS


The Timothy Ray Brown Foundation for a Cure for AIDS was created to educate, create awareness and support full funding to find a Cure for AIDS for everyone living with HIV around the globe. Timothy Ray Brown dubbed by the media ‘the Berlin Patient’ is the first person in the world to be cured of HIV. Read more >>


" Timothy Ray Brown "The Berlin Patient" is the first person in the world to have been cured of HIV. Watch this amazing Democracy Now broadcast."

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